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Creating lasing results and relationships.

When I first started training with Mike I was 13 years old, 5'7" and had a 12" vertical. Seeing that i wanted to play college volleyball, that wasn't getting me anywhere fast. Over the span of a few short years, he got me up to a 23" jump and feeling lean, trim and fit! I definitely attribute my time with him to my volleyball college scholarship and the national championship we won while I was there. He taught me more than how to do box jumps and lift weights, though. He taught me about endurance and about pushing past the urge to stop. This mindset effected me as both an athlete and as a person. I'm forever grateful :)

Kelsey K.

I have trained with Mike Ewing the owner of Indy Personal Fitness for at least 2 years. He is very thorough & has made sure that I am challenged and that I will not get injured in the process. (my goal has been to build muscle, and reduce fat). He explains proper form and tells you how each exercise is challenging your body (which muscle group & where you should feel it) and how to have your body positioned, along with the proper weight for you to lift. You will be able to increase the lbs that you are able to lift, in time. And seeing that progress feels good! Finally getting past a certain plateau! You will build endurance, and be sweaty! He is not only educated and experienced in personal training with all types of fitness levels, he also has a master's degree in psychology. (as a business professional, I can appreciate that he is not only a certified trainer in his field, but is also educated in other areas as well). Mike cares about his clients. He is affordable and very competitive with pricing and RELIABLE. When my schedule is busy it is important fir me to be able to count on my appointment. He is always there and always on time. It is cool that he works with different ages and fitness levels, too and that has always given me further confidence in his experience. I have seen people come and go before and after me. A guy in his early 20's, one in his 40's, an older guy that goes for physical therapy, etc. Here is an example of what a difference a good trainer can make: I have been able to increase weight considerably when I am lifting versus when I started. And, when I injured my back from moving boxes, etc during a move, he recommended specific stretches and showed me how to correctly do them. I would have been scared to try to do anything on my own with the pain, and those stretches truly saved my back and helped so much! (and I was back to myself in just a couple of weeks and doing my regular workout training with Mike). If you want to take your training to a new level or are a person just starting, and want to learn new exercises, techniques, any types of free weights lifting, machines, and do it safely and correctly, go to Mike. You can ask any question at all and you won't feel intimidated doing it. He cares and wants to you succeed! If you want people to notice that your arms look really toned and comments like "you have been hitting the gym hard, your arms look amazing!", get started! If you are lazy, don't want a challenge, or to work to change your body then you won't do well.

Chrisann R.

My goal was to get in shape after years of inactivity. My experience at Indy Personal Training has been wonderful. I'm fit, happy and more self-confident. I highly recommend training with Mike. My health, energy level, and overall wellbeing are much improved. I encourage you to invest in you. Make this year a good one by training with Mike, a very knowledgeable, motivational and kind personal trainer.

Lisa P.

What Mike has me do in 45 minutes I could not do in two hours on my own. He pushes you but understands your limitations. Because of working out with Mike, I am healthier and much stronger at age 43 than I was at 23 or 33.

Chris M.

In my lifetime, I've worked with a few personal trainers. At work, at the Y, and for the past 5 years, Mike. Mike is by far the best!

I work out with a trainer for accountability and the extra push, and for someone who can create for me the right workout plan. My goal is personal fitness: strength, balance, endurance. I measure my results by how I feel running up stairs, working in the yard or after 18 hours on my feet at work. I'm male, 47.

Here's what I look for in a trainer:
-someone who isn’t a meathead; Mike is smart and educated, in the field and generally
-someone who is reliable; I think Mike has cancelled within 24 hours like 2 times in 5 years, showing respect for my time
-someone who can know and study me, evaluate my needs and then create a program that is challenging but safe
-ability for me to grow in strength, endurance and better daily function
-someone who I feel comfortable with, and not judged

While I consider a trainer a luxury, he’s worth it, and honestly, his rates are great. I’m stronger than I’ve ever been in my life, and feel good.

We are all tired sometimes, twist something or sleep on an arm weird. If you aren’t feeling yourself, he can work around, say, a sore shoulder, or if something hurts. I believe my trainer is my partner in my health and body, it’s my duty to say something. Likewise, if you want more challenge or have advanced goals (I’ve seen some of his performance-oriented clients who are athletes with specific goals and needs) then share those. Either way, it’s a partnership, one where you can feel supported, encouraged, and challenged—while in an environment that he won’t push you into an unsafe zone or crazy exercises where you can get injured.

Mike works out of the gym at the Precedent office park (between Keystone and Allisonville on 96th), a private gym available to Precedent business park businesses (and trainers like Mike who train here). I work out around 9:30am three times a week, and it’s quiet with only a few other personal training clients there. There is a decent locker room and showers available.

Lee B.

Mike is the first personal trainer we've worked with and we think he's awesome.  He pushes us enough but also works us within our limitations.  My husband and I are not athletes but needed help with our exercise routines.  He's helped us both a lot and is fun to work with.

Juliannne S.

I have been a client of Mike's for over 5 years now and all I can say is DO IT!  If you are ready to turn your life around, Mike is the best trainer to help you make it happen.  He is patient while pushing you to achieve your best!  You will never be bored with his workouts as they are never the same - he keeps your interest while working every muscle.  If you are looking for a trainer that is not intimidating but still pushes you to succeed Mike is your answer.

Chris M.

Mike keeps you accountable and I consider it to be my "therapy". He focuses on total fitness, strength training and he pushes you but also encourages a healthy lifestyle and doing what is best for each individual versus a one size fits all approach. It's amazing to think what I've accomplished with his guidance and look forward to what comes next. I have always considered myself active but not the most informed in lifting styles and approach. Not anymore! He gets to know his clients and genuinely wants us all to succeed at our goals. Highly recommend!

Ryan D.


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