20 Years of personal training experience



Sport conditioning: Name just about any sport, and I have probably worked with someone in that field. Olympic development, Golf, Division 1 athletes, Arena League football, even NHRA drag racing. I am always excited to take on the challenges of athletes. Looking to take things to the next level?
Tactical Strength and Conditioning: Getting ready for military, fire , police or other high intensity service? I have experience training all of these areas and are familiar with their performance demands. CIA, FBI, or even mixed martial arts. Get ready to transform yourself!
Physical limitations: It's not uncommon for clients to have performance limitations. The spectrum of these limitations can be very broad. There is no need for these things to hold you back any longer! I am trained to deal with a vast variety of barriers. Each individual is different and requires personal program modifications. The ability to adapt your training is what makes personal training "personal."
Team strength coaching: Is your team ready to take things to the next level? Having a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist in your corner can make all the difference. Beyond the obvious physical and injury prevention benefits are confidence and team unity. When it's time to take the stage, your team will know that they are a step ahead of the competition.
General fitness/weight loss: This is probably the most common goal. As with all of our programs, I strive to provide variety and motivation to your workouts. This training can involve body fat testing and girth measurements if you choose.


Your Vision/ Our Mission.

As Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists (C.S.C.S.), I have the skills to help you reach your goals. Below you'll find a description of just a few of the activities  I facilitate.