20 Years of personal training experience



Here are some of our most frequently asked questions:

Is personal training right for me?  
Personal trainers are used by many different people at all levels for physical fitness.  In general a trainer is there to help you move forward.   For some moving forward is simply beginning an exercise program.  For others it could be improving athletic performance or injury rehabilitation.

I’m way out of shape.  Should I improve my condition before starting with a trainer?  
If you’re asking yourself this question, you’re not alone.  Many people feel that they should establish a “cardio base” or otherwise prepare for working with a trainer.  This is a mistake.  The trainer is there to help you get going no matter what your current condition is.  We can help you pick exercises and intensities that are appropriate to your current condition.  Sometimes the most difficult part of exercise is getting started.  This is the time you need a trainer the most!

How long is a session?  
Sessions are either 30 or 45 minutes long.  Offering a variety of duration is intended to accommodate clients budget and schedule.

How often should I work with my trainer? 
All clients will need a different number of workouts per week depending on individual goals.  While it would be most productive to do all of your workouts with a trainer, it is not required.  Many of our clients elect to train a couple of times a week with their trainer and a few on their own.  Your trainer can help you with your solo workouts by giving you “homework” if you ask. 

How flexible is your schedule?
The client comes first.  I try my best to accommodate your schedule no matter how hectic it may be.  Leaving town for a couple of weeks? No problem.  Just give me a call when you return and we can set up the next appointment.  Need a 5am session? Done.  What about weekend sessions? Sure.  This is my full time career.  Just tell me what you need and I will do what I can to get you scheduled.

How much do you charge?
You can start your first session free of charge.  It gives us a chance to meet with you and discuss in person your goals and potential limitations.  I have NO CONTRACTS and NO GYM or PROCESSING fees.  You only pay your session rate.  Check out the RATES  page.