20 Years of personal training experience



Michael Ewing M.A.   C.S.C.S. D*

I have been a professional trainer since 2001.  I graduated from Franklin College with a Bachelor of Arts degrees in Athletic Training and Recreation as well as coaching endorsements in track and football.  In 2017 I completed a Masters in Industrial and Organizational Psychology.

My professional certification is with the National Strength and Conditioning Association.  I have been certified as a strength and conditioning specialist(C.S.C.S) since 2001.  In 2011 I reached Distinction status.   This status is reserved for professionals who have maintained certification status and have far exceeded continuing education requirements.

While the focus of my personal training practice is wellness and performance, my clients often benefit from my psychology education.   Frequently, reaching new goals requires more than just a good workout.  It requires self-examination and personal reinvention.  I'm ready to guide you through this process using research-backed strategies.  Many of my clients employ me in pursuit of other life and work objectives.  (Visit Trajectoryconsulting.us for more  information on life and professional consulting.)